We are commited to providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices possible. We are driven to support our customers and the wire industry with unsurpassed standards of service and reliability MORE
Oklahoma Steel & Wire and Iowa Steel & Wire, a family owned and operated manufacturing facility wants to be your agricultural wire specialist. Whether you are a distributor or the end user on the farm or ranch, call us, we want to assist you.
As a distributor we can set you up with special pricing on truck load quantities. As a Farmer or Rancher we can help you find the product you need and also help you locate the closest retailer in your area that carries our OK Brand Products.
OK Brand Products -- Your wire specialists.

OK Brand V-Mesh
Manufactured using a 2x4 diamond weave pattern. Two 12.5 gauge twisted wires are set every 4 inches horizontally. They are then tied together with 14 gauge vertical wires. The wires are run on a diagonal and wrapped around each of the horizontal wires. MORE

Max-Loc High Tensile
Offering you another great alternative for your fencing needs. This class III Hi-tensile fencing offers you the strength and durability you have come to expect in all OK Brand products. Max-Loc fencing uses fixed knot technology. MORE
Barbed Wire
Whether it's our 2 point or 4 point barbed wire, the durability and strength will impress every user. MORE
Game Fence
OK Brand Premium Game Fence is the cost-effective way to confine deer, elk and other game animals. MORE.